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No additional import charges on delivery. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab. Only if the coin came up scratched-side did Two-Face go ahead and commit the crime, never questioning the result of the toss. Batman arrested Sloane for several attempted robberies and had his face restored, in the same manner Harvey Dent's had once been. Most things changed about him:

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Read The Lahote's from the story girl with the batman jacket. * paul lahote* by ChloeMalfoy4 with 1, reads. badgirl, werewolf, player.
Batman: The Killing Joke is a American adult animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Featuring the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the twenty-sixth film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and.
From the classic colors of the Adam West era all the way to Batman Beyond--and beyond! Tons of colors, sizes, and styles will help you find the perfect costume when you want to become one of the world's most well-known superhero, ready to stop dangerous villains and .
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The Penguin

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The Penguin (Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot) is a DC Comics supervillain and an enemy of Batman. He was introduced by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, he first appeared in Detective Comics#58 (December ). The Penguin, one of Batman's oldest foes, is an eccentric criminal mastermind.

Add a Velcro closure to the belt if you made it from craft foam. Hot glue the strips to the narrow ends of your belt.

Place 1 strip on the front of your belt and the other on the back. This way, when you overlap the ends, you can close them. You should still use hot glue, even if the Velcro is self-adhesive. The glue on that type of Velcro is not very strong. Get a pair of black gloves that cover your wrists. Gloves from the costume shop will work just fine for this. If you want a more authentic costume, then leather gloves may also work.

The gloves should be long enough to cover your wrists, but it would be better if they covered your forearms. Get a pair of tall, black boots that match your gloves. Rain boots and riding boots work well for this. You can also add boot covers to an existing pair of black shoes. You may be able to find the boot covers online or in a costume store. Set the boots aside. Extend the gloves with craft foam to cover your forearms, if needed.

Skip this step if your gloves are long enough to cover your forearms. Otherwise, cut a piece of craft foam long or felt enough to cover your forearms. Roll it into a tube wide enough for you to slip your fist into, then hot glue it shut. Make 2 of these, 1 for each glove. You can hot glue the gloves to the forearm covers or keep them separate; this is up to you.

This way, they won't be as visible. Cut the spikes for each glove out of craft foam or cardboard. If your batsuit has different details, then cut different shapes. Most bat-suits will have some sort of spikes, however.

Trace these spikes onto your cardboard or craft foam first, then cut them out. Cut out your first spike, then use it as a template to trace and cut the rest out. Make the spikes the same color as the gloves or forearm covers. If they aren't the same color, paint them with spray paint. Hot glue the spikes to the forearm covers. Apply the hot glue to the bottom edge of each spike first, then press the spike against the forearm cover. Position the spikes so that they curve away from the wrist and point towards your elbow.

Hot glue dries quickly, however, so work 1 spike at a time. If your batsuit has different gadgets, glue these in place according to your reference shots. Get some black material for the cloak. Measure from the base of your neck to about mid-calf, then cut your fabric accordingly.

Black spandex or jersey T-shirt material is a great choice because it doesn't fray. You can also use black cotton or a black bedsheet in a pinch. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Spread the fabric out on a flat surface, such as a hard floor or table. Bring the long ends of the fabric together so that they match up.

Smooth the fabric out, then pin the edges together so that they don't move around. Tape the corners of the fabric to your work surface. This way, it won't slide around as you are working with it. Fold the fabric in such a way that it's long enough for you, from neck-to-calf. Cut 1 of the narrow edges off at a slant. The bottom of Batman's cape isn't straight; it's longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. Choose 1 of the narrow ends to be the bottom edge, then cut it off at an angle.

Make the longer part of the angle at the corner, and the shorter part of the angle at the folded edge. If you need to, draw a cutting guideline using white chalk and a straight edge. This may look weird at first, but it won't one you unfold the cape. Cut bat scallops into the slanted end. Trace the semicircles using white chalk and a large plate or round tray. Make sure that they are touching each other. Cut them out with scissors when you are done. This will keep them from fraying.

You don't need to fold over and hot glue the fabric if it's made from spandex or jersey because it doesn't fray. If you hemmed the scalloped edge on your cape, hem the side edges too. Cut the side edges so that they taper towards the other narrow edge. Measure the width of your shoulders first, then divide that by 2. Go to the other narrow edge on your fabric and measure down from the folded edge by that amount. Make a mark, then cut from the bottom corner of your cape to that mark. If you hemmed the scalloped and side edges on your cape, hem the top edge as well.

Unfold the cape and pin it to the back shoulders of your turtleneck. Flip the turtleneck over and secure the top corner of your cape to each shoulder with safety pins. Alternatively, use strips of self-adhesive Velcro. You can also use hot glue of fabric glue if you want a permanent option. If you hemmed your cape, make sure that the hems are on the inside, against your back. Get something to use as a base, such as a plastic toy helmet. The key here is to have something with a nice, rounded dome that fits the top of your head.

You can even make a paper band that fits your head, then add curved, crisscrossing strips of paper on top of it to make a dome. You want just the dome. Wrap cardboard around the base of the helmet so that it covers your head. Put the dome on your head. Measure from where the dome starts to curve down towards the bottom of your jaw. Cut a strip of cardboard or poster paper according to this width, then wrap it around the base of the dome and hot glue it in place.

The cardboard, poster paper, or foam needs to be long enough to wrap around the base of the dome. Put the seam in the back of the dome. Cut out the mouth and eyes. The mouth is shaped like a square or rectangle and should go from your chin all the way up to your nose.

Cut out a triangular hole for the nose. Look at your reference pictures, then sketch the shapes out using a pencil. Add details using cardboard, craft foam, or paper towel. Cut out a cardboard or poster paper triangle for the nose, then fold it in half to make a crease.

Hot glue this to the edges of the triangular nose that you cut out earlier. Use cardboard or craft foam to make other details, depending on the version of Batman that you are doing. Make pointed ears out of cardboard and add them to the top of the mask. Cut 2 tall, skinny triangles, and tape or glue them to the sides of the helmet. Add 2 more triangles to each ear to make them 3-dimensional, like pyramids. Sometimes, his mask had really tall ears, and sometimes it had really small ears.

Create a cowl to cover your shoulders, if desired or needed. Take a look at your Batman pictures and see if he has anything on the shoulders. In some versions, he has some sort of shoulder armor. You can make this by cutting a large oval out of cardboard or poster paper, then cutting a hole in the middle. Sometimes, it has a scalloped edge, like his cape. If you made the cowl, join it to the helmet with a strip of craft foam in the back.

Cover the mask and cowl with layers of papier mâché. Create a papier mâché paste using your favorite recipe, then tear strips of newspaper. Dip the newspaper into the paste, then cover the entire mask in a single layer. Apply a second layer using dry strips of newspaper, then let it dry. Add as many layers as you need to make the mask nice and smooth. Focus on the joints and seams and let every 2 layers dry before adding the next set.

Prime and paint the mask. Coat the mask with paint primer first, then let it dry. Next, take the mask outside, and paint it using more black spray paint. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to dry, then add a second coat as well. If your cowl is made from poster paper, you can skip the priming an move onto the painting. You can use paint-on or brush-on primer. The color white, gray, or black does not matter. If you made a bat symbol for the cowl, wait until the paint has dried completely before hot gluing it on.

Cut out fins from cardboard or plastic and fasten them to your costume with hot glue or string. Not Helpful 3 Helpful You can get plain black cloth from any fabric store or somewhere like Walmart. As long as it's a Batman mask, the scum of Gotham should have no problem remembering you!

Not Helpful 4 Helpful You can wear contact lenses if possible. If you can't do that, then just wear your glasses anyway. It's not a big deal if your costume is slightly unconventional. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Put the shirt on and have someone help make sure it's even. Also make sure you have plastic wrap where you'll be glueing the crest, just so the glue doesn't seep through your shirt.

Not Helpful 8 Helpful You could use black painted cardboard and super or hot glue it on, or you could cover cardboard in felt or fabric and sew or glue it on. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 7. Harley Quinn Ladies Costume Hoodie. Harley Quinn Ladies Costume Leggings. These popular character designs are available in child, toddler and even infant sizes. Pair up to create your own Batman and Robin Dynamic Duo. Try a classic look or a sexy adult costume.

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