No-Brainer Shirt and Pants Combinations With business casual all the rage in many offices, the pairing of dress shirts and pants is a hot topic. In some ways, this is actually easier than putting together an outfit where you’re considering suit (or blazer and pants), shirt, tie, and sometimes pocket square patterns.

This particular outfit is great for work.

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If you want a casual, weekend warrior look, ditch the tie and wear a brown oxford shoe to help keep it interesting. I wanted to wear a navy blue vest that I own with a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt and some brown shoes? I was wondering if that would be a good match.

The vest and jean combo is perfect for the casual look, be careful matching the colors though. We say kudos to you for playing it smart. I have a navy blue vest and i wantes to pair it with jeans, would it be alright to go with ehite shirt under it, sleeves rolled, no tie and brown shoes? Sounds good to us! Also, the white dress shirt is the ideal look to go for, it helps your vest standout the most, and it also leaves room for a standout tie if you choose to incorporate one.

However we would say ditch the tie, roll up those sleeves and complete your cool look with a brown oxford shoe. I normally dress casual, but am thinking of dressing it up a bit with a vest.

We were with you until you go to the white tie white ties are not OK with us and white shoes thought you said you were trying to dress it up a bit? Stick with brown shoes and, if you do go with a tie, go with a more laid-back version like a navy knit tie for a dress up, but not really, look. Hi, i have a problem. I pair it with white shirt, sleeves rolled up. Thanks for good read. This is common for vests, but Black Lapel does offer the option to match the back with the front fabric on our custom vests or the Bemberg inner lining.

Hey Black Lapel, I recently classed up my wardrobe and I was wondering if it is possible to wear a leather jacket with a vest and dress shirt? That depends on two things, Nick: What kind of leather jacket? A biker jacket is a leather jacket, so is a suede duster.

A leather bomber jacket might work, though you run the risk of looking like an American President visiting the troops. Where are you planning to wear this outfit?

I am looking for a personal smart-casual signature outfit to display a mix of competence and approachability. I think that white shirt knitted tie or none — depending on the occasion , vest and chino would be an appropriate decision. I am carrying kg more than I probably should but want to look good — nonetheless. Light brown shoes, navy chinos and rolled up shirt sleeves. Do you have any suggestions or hints regarding color combinations and pattern of the vest? We call it dressing from the inside out and we recommend reading this article laying out the basics when building your wardrobe.

Knowing what looks good on you is the key to dressing well. You did mention carrying a little extra weight. While a brighter colored vest might call attention to your midsection, dark colors can slim your appearance. I am taking my Wife, daughter and her fiancee on a cruise in September to the Caribbean.

I want to wear something other than a sports coat and slacks. I would like to wear a vest and a bow tie with some casual slacks for the dressier dinners. I am completely lost as to what would work together or what colors to go with.

Maybe some slim cut slacks and a white button down fitted shirt? What would you do? This sounds like a decent problem to have First off, we just want to say kudos to you for wanting your clothes to fit properly. A man after our own heart. A white shirt will also match with a variety of different colored slacks.

In fact, it may be smart to bring more than one white button down shirt. Enjoy the vaca, Jeff. I am having a civil ceremony with my fiancée of which I will be wearing the same color and clothing type pictured above. White cloth dress shirt, medium grey vest, dark denim jeans, medium brown belt and medium brown shoes, my question would be for a tie choice. I would like to wear a tie but unsure on which to choose. Plain or simple pattern and do I match the tie to a dark color to my jeans or a light brown for my shoes or keep it a simple semi-light color to contrast my vest and shirt.

Making sure not to blend the colors or completely having a dark bottom with light top as you said in your article. Your thinking is on the right track here. As for what to match the tie color to, we think you should decide between matching to your denim or your shoes.

If you choose to match to your denim, a plain or patterned tie will work equally as well. If you decide you want to match your tie to your brown shoes instead, we also have a tie for that. In this color family, we think you should stick to a solid colored tie.

Just to throw in one last wildcard, what about this maroon tie? I am getting married soon and was wondering if a vest would look good.

I am wearing a dark blue shirt with a light green bow tie and gray pants. The wedding is super laid back but I want to look good for my bride. Would a vest be a good option and if so what color? Wanting to look good for you bride—good man, we applaud that. And trust us, she will too.

Anyways, we see lots of guys get married in vests and they look good doing it. Determining if a vest is a good option for you depends on the other elements of your outfit. Your dark blue shirt is a little limiting we usually recommend a white shirt under a vest , but you do have a few options. Are you gray pants dress pants or chinos?

If your gray pants are more chino-like, you could wear a more casual vest, like this one , to smooth the transition between your shirt and pants. Be careful not to start adding too many colors to your look since you have a green bow tie. Congrats and good luck on the big day! When wearing a vest formally with chinos, can you wear a vest with a buckle?

Even a Black Lapel custom made vest includes a closure in the back to adjust the fit to your taste, Erica. I just stumbled upon this site and I must say I am impressed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! With dark pants and such a light top you cut yourself in half visually with this kind of look.

The answer is to choose a fabric that is in the middle of these two extremes. The cool gray custom vest in the picture at the top of this article is a perfect middle ground between too light and too dark. I am getting married in Ireland in September. The brown slacks are more of a bark brown which blends nicely with the front of the tweed vest but the brown satin back of the vest is a more red brown.

He will not be wearing a jacket. I am unaware of rules regarding vest back and pant color. The colors you described in the different parts of the clothes are all in the same family. That makes clashing nearly impossible. Unlike him, you can have a look at him in his wedding outfit before the big day.

So we recommend you have him put it all on and take a look. Loved your suggestions they are very helpful. I am getting married in August ordered vests on line for the groom and groomsmen they are more of a kakhi color then a brown.

Not exactly what we wanted but the sale was final. I am having a hard time figuring out what color of dress pant to go with our now Kakhi vests. It is a very smart casual wedding. Smart casual, very cool wedding dress code. Speaking of smart, how about medium to dark blue dress pants? A pair like these , with hints of green, would be easy to pair with a lighter khaki colored vest. Court calls for conservative power suits.

Like this subtle gray pinstripe suit or the classic navy blue suit—an appropriate staple suit that should never be confused for being stuffy. Incorporating coral and burgundy already pushes the boundaries of court-appropriate attire slightly, so we encourage you to wear a full suit instead of a sweater vest. If you go with the light gray sweater vest, we suggest you wear a matching charcoal gray jacket with your charcoal slacks. Now go do justice by these suggestions!

Have you checked out our suits? Or if tie is worn what color do you suggest? And so you think the vest shirt combo is good. The vest and shirt combo is good, but it is a heavy look. Since those colors are dark, I would stick with the simple rule of contrast when choosing a tie. A light gray, textured tie wool, knit would be a great addition to this look. Any non-collared shirt under a vest can look a little odd, Jack. We have seen the turtleneck and vest done well by a more modern screen star, but that was a dressier look overall.

The three-piece suit with a turtleneck can be really suave. The shirt is solid. Before we get into pants, some advice about the shirt: Beware the dark shirt and vest combination. As for the pants, gray is more vesatile than black you can wear black or brown shoes with gray pants , so we usually veer towards gray.

Plus, black can be very jarring against bright colors, but with gray pants you can wear a wider range of colors. The neutral and solid vest and chinos combo means just about anything is possible. I really liked what you have mentioned above of vests.

Our School Promnight is coming up next week. I am of 17 years with a thin yet fit build. Could you please suggest a good shirt color that would match the above-said attire? Also, necktie or bowtie if required and of what color? If you want to step up the formality of your look a little bit, go with a neck tie.

You can have some fun with the color of it — maybe a blue pattern, maroon, or dark green. Show the world your beautiful outfit! What if I wear a long sleeve button down untucked with my vest unbuttoned? I am currently wearing a black and white small, checkered shirt with a black vest, black jeans, and black leather converse. Sorry, not our thing, but we respect your right to rock that look.

First I would like to say that I love the atmosphere of the commenters here. I work as a network specialist help desk plus technician plus network administrator and also own my own game studio. I found one that fit comfortably and I am trying it out. I also have a habit of rolling up my dress sleeves to the elbow as I HATE the feeling of sleeves on my arms.

Furthermore I don shoulder length dark hair and a red beard length varies by season. Actually, you already mentioned the only people who truly matter when it comes to judging your style: We say go forth! And i am not sure if my attire coordinates with one another. I am planning to wear a grey shirt, black vest, a black pants, black shoes and a white bow.

Does that sounds okay? A white bow tie should be reserved for a very formal white tie affair like the Nobel Prize Ceremony or a coronation. Let us preface our answer by saying that, you can wear whatever you want. We give recommendations, not condemnations. That would make you look like your vest had some sort of growth coming out of the bottom.

Last time I wore a black shirt and a green tie but now I wanna pair it with a gray tie, a fitting pair of jeans and a white shirt… the question is… my shirt is short sleeved. Or maybe not use the tie? BUT, I have a compromise. You can stick with your vest and tie combination, but wear a long sleeve button-down white shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

We are hosting a 50th wedding anniversary party for my in-laws. Cocktail attire was requested, but its the first Saturday in August in the South. My husband was thinking about a vest outfit. He has a great pair of medium grey slacks and I was wondering what color of vest.

Was thinking of dressing it up with a pocket square. His build is quite athletic, but recently he has been in some weddings and I love the way a vest flatters his body type. Cocktail attire means full suits for men. It would be poor form for the host to set a dress code and then underdress.

If you do go with a more casual look and wants a vest to wear with a pair of gray pants, the color choices are pretty much wide open.

Just about everything matches with neutral medium gray slacks. The color matching he should be concerned with is matching the colors to his own colors. Lighter hair means a lighter vest is probably the optimal choice. We hope this helps, Fran. If you want to get more specific advice from one of our stylists, feel free to send some pics to concierge blacklapel.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could go about this? While we make our clothes for men, they are made-to-measure and some women do get clothes from us including the female employees of Black Lapel and some of our wives as well. Drop us a line at concierge blacklapel. I want to get a vest or more than one to wear casually with jeans. Is that suitable to wear with a vest or would the look be thrown off due to the vest fitting far more snugly than the jeans? Is there an exception to the rule?

Our suits get reviewed and reviewed well, we might add by menswear bloggers fairly frequently, Kent. I have brown skin and black hair Asian from the tropics. I only have black denim jeans and brown suede bucks to start with. I want either a printed shirt and plain-colored tie, or a plain white shirt and printed knit tie. And then for the vest, maybe a safe gray?

I only stand at 5ft. Does that affect the chances of me looking good on a vested suit? That said, women have been wearing menswear stylishly since Diane Keaton made everyone fall in love with Annie Hall back in So proceed, but proceed with caution. As for color combinations, a gray vest is an easy outfit starter.

One thing we would change, though, is the black jeans and brown shoes combo. If the jeans are black, the shoes ought to be too. With some black shoes and black jeans, a white button front shirt and a gray vest can make for a stylish casual look.

Should I be looking for a slightly less dressy fabric than pictured in the vest above? Does the sheer material on the back of that style of vest specifically make the vest too dressy for jeans?

I have the above vest in that color and a darker black, but cannot seem to find one in a more casual version. The event in question is a party at a classy bar. Its not fully formal, but dressier than average.

No need to worry about the vest being too dressy. As for the backing, a Bemberg back, like the one featured on the back of Black Lapel vests work just fine with casual outfits. Of course, since our clothes are all custom made, you can special request a self-back vest.

To do that just email concierge blacklapel. I have a dark grey vest, was planning on wearing it with either black dress pants or grey ones that are just a touch lighter than the vest, need advice on what color shirt should go with it? Also, yay or nay on a black slim tie. The tie decision is not one we can make for you, David.

We will offer this advice, though: Meekness is the enemy of style. Okay, enough of the tough love, David. On to your other questions.

As for the pants, whenever you wear non-matching separates like a jacket and pants or, in this case, a vest and pants, avoid combinations that are too similar. A dark gray vest and a barely lighter pair of gray pants will look like you tried to make a matching suit out of two different fabrics a Busch League move.

Instead, we suggest going with the black pants. Explaining how to do that is a little more than we could fit into a comment reply. That said, when in doubt, a solid white shirt is always the safest and easiest bet. I do not particularly like white shirts.

Any help would be great in putting together a great outfit. The rest can stay the same, or you could even add something to tie the light blue and dark blue of the shirt and jeans together, like a knit tie with dark and light blue stripes , if you want to dress the look up a bit. All of this still adds up to a simply stylish look for any casual occasion.

That sounds really good. Are there any other colors you could recommend for the shirt? Such as plaid patterns if any, that could go with a grey vest? As well as type of material for the vest? I thank you very much for all the help! The shirt colors and patterns are really a matter of personal preference and what works best for you.

Rather than giving you some blind recommendation, we suggest you use our guide to creating your own shirt style. As for the vest, we think that fabric and fit are just as important in a vest as they are in the rest of a suit.

You can order a vest here that is made from the same wool we make our suits out of with Bemberg lining on the back for wearing it as a part of a suit. For more casual wear you can special order one with a fabric back and you can order one made in any of the fabrics we offer by emailing us at concierge blacklapel.

I am going to Vegas and want to looks nice going out Saturday night. I do not know what color shirt and slacks to wear with a medium to light grey vest. I have black, charcoal, dark grey and light grey slacks. The only shirt I do not have to take is White. Can I wear a medium blue shirt with grey vest?

If so what color slacks should I wear? Or do you have another combination that would work best? Any help would be great, Thanks. Try to differentiate between the pants and vest by choosing the light gray pants if the vest is dark or dark gray if the vest is light. A little variation on the gray theme will go a long way. Finally, with all but the black pants you can add some brown shoes to this look to keep things interesting and add a little color to this outfit.

Could i pull off a black vest with very casual shoes? Like old school high top black converse or simple black skater shoes. You would know the answer to that better than we do. Would we wear the black vest and sneakers outfit you described? Hell to the no. As a maker of fully customizable clothes we respect, and encourage you to take full advantage of, your right to define your style.

You do you, Antonio. I noticed that the model in the photo is wearing a brown belt and certainly brown shoes but can I do the same with black belt and shoes? If I wanted to add a tie, what color would work?

This same look would work with a black belt and black shoes. Try different shades and colors of vest and pair it with a denim. Go for some bright colored tuxedos. The answer to this question depends on what you look like, Charlie. As we discussed in our piece about building the ultimate suit , your skin and hair color are the most important things when it comes to deciding on clothing colors.

All that being said, a middle of the road blue is neutral enough to work with almost any complexion and always pairs nicely with browns and tans. Could you do a black vest, lavender shirt with a dark grey pant and black shoes or does the pant have to be black as well? No need to get all matchy-matchy, Jim. A black vest and black pants might have you looking like the wait staff at a catered affair. A word to the wise, though, Jim. Black is tougher to wear than most guys think.

A black vest on a lavender shirt is going to be a seriously high contrast combo. Consider wearing a lighter vest like the one pictured above for a laid back look.

I own a tailor made grey wool vest, do you have any ideas as to what shirt? Other colors of oxford shirts would work too. I want to wear jeans, a solid dark purple shirt, and a vest to a casual masquerade party at my local watering whole. What color jeans and vest should I wear?

You may want to consult with the host before showing up in your street clothes. As for the outfit, we always say go with dark blue jeans. Dark jeans are the most versatile. They work with everything. For more on this check out our guide to essential dress shoes. Neither of these things should be purchased to wear to this one event, though, Nate. Then you can go masquerading as a stylish gent everywhere you go. I was thinking of being more-so on the casual side of things. I have a lot of button-up plaid-ish type style shirts that are popular and are also okay to wear at my workplace.

The combination of plaid shirts and vests is a great way to go, Mike. Black is a tougher color to wear than most guys realize. Even those plaid shirts with some black in them will look good with neutral gray or navy. Rather, it should be used with caution. But hey, why not have a few vests, one in each color? I was wondering if a black button down with a white tie and white vest would work? I am planning on wearing black jeans but I need to know if that would be a huge flop.

To start, a black button-front shirt is one of the hardest shirts to wear with a tie. Wear it with a black tie and you look like Regis Philbin circa Wear it with any colored or patterned tie and it looks like you were trying to dress up a casual shirt.

Because a black button front really is a casual shirt. As for the vest, a white vest is a non-starter. Wearing a vest that is lighter than the shirt underneath it is a tough style challenge it can be done, but the degree of difficulty is high. A white vest makes pairing pretty much impossible. No need to go off the menu, for this look, though Nathan. Well the problem is… What color vest should go with what color belt and shoes?

I really need help. Take your cues from the vest buttons, John. Belt buckles tend to push out the vest awkwardly and make you look paunchy. I have a soccer presentation coming up. Its a semi formal occasion. All I have at the moment is a light grey vest. What colour shirt, pants and shoes would look good?? Thinking of a bowtie aswell. Play it safe and wear a pair of charcoal slacks , a crisp white shirt and a black knit tie for a tie that is still pretty laid back and looks great with a vest.

My son will be wearing a medium gray herringbone wool vest with jeans for his Senior Yearbook pictures. We were thinking of dark jeans, light blue shirt with a maroon tie, wearing the same beige shoes as shown above. Do you approve, or do you think it is too much? He really likes the vest and tie combo and I have no fashion sense on how to make it work for this occasion. To be honest, I have no fashion sense at all hanging my head in shame. I would appreciate and suggestions.

We do approve, Kimberly. This outfit sounds appropriate for the occasion and the individual pieces can be mixed and matched with tons of other outfits. As for the fashion sense, just steer your son on over here to The Compass. Black to match the buttons on the vest.

The happy couple is a female couple. Glad we could help, Jake. Since you will be the only man up there, you will likely stand out regardless of what you wear. With that in mind, we suggest only minimally tweaking the original idea. It sounds like you prefer shades of black to shades of brown so you can swap those colors and stay somewhat close to what the brides intended. Does this sound rediculous?

First off, are you a member of the wedding party, Jake? If everyone else in the wedding party is wearing the powder blue shirt with a light brown vest and navy blue trousers, you should wear that as well. If one man is going to stand out it should be the groom, not the third guy from the left in all of the wedding photos. Now, if you are not a member of the wedding party you do have a lot more leeway. As a guest you should be able to wear a gray vest instead of a brown one and no one will have any complaints.

For one, Labor Day was last week. But fashion faux-pas aside, white bucks will put a lot of attention on you. Let the bride and groom have the spotlight and choose a more traditional pair of kicks brown or black. Finally, check out our guide to wedding attire for men for more on this subject. The vest in question is light grey with a plaid patterning and black buttons. Also do you have any opinions on whether it should be buttoned or unbuttoned? Adding a vest to your wardrobe is a smart move, Akshay.

A vest and a T-shirt has a distinctly Ed Norton-ish look not the gifted actor from such classic movies as Fight Club, but the garbage man neighbor from the old Honeymooners show pictured here. Most guys are trying not to stand out too much so they put on a T-shirt and a vest and what does it do? It makes you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Are we advocating wearing a full-on dress shirt like you would wear with a suit and tie?

But a more casual chambray shirt in an easy pairing color like blue or an oxford shirt will keep things laid back and still look great under a vest. I have a for lack of better words high-class cigar bar hop planned with a few friends and this is just the style I was looking for. I was thinking dark wash denim, black vest, red button down with the sleeves up, and a loose charcoal patterned tie.

Our only concern would be looking a little devilish with a black vest and a red shirt. If the red is subdued like this it can work. The safer bet, though, for an evening out, would be to go with a dark red that creates less contrast with the vest. I was thinking of wearing my nike converses, but if you have a better suggestion Im all ears. On the whole this sounds like an outfit that will work. Sneakers and a vest is a pretty young look, though, Trae. Judging by the Thursday night party plans, this is probably not a concern.

I just bought a lighter medium grey glen check vest. Will that go well with lavender or mint green shirt with slightly darker tie, dark blue jeans, and brown shoes. Sounds good to us, Michael. Lighter grays also work with white shirts a summer staple and light blue shirts as well. I have a have white dress shirt with light blue lines running horizontal and dark blue lines running vertical. I got a bowtie that has a squared design with the colors red white a blue to go along.

I am also wearing brown slacks. My question is would a grey vest go well or would a blue vest work better? Blue will provide the most harmony with the blue in the shirt, so that would be our first choice. The gray would work too, but only if it is as light or lighter than the slacks.

A really dark charcoal gray vest with khaki pants would clash, but a gray vest like this one with medium or chocolate brown pair of pants would do the trick. I recently picked up a black vest that I plan to pair with white dress shirts and ties.

My question is about the pants. I plan to wear jeans occasionally, but I will also need to wear dress pants some too. You might be more into houndstooth or plaid, but whatever it is, never did two colours produce as much choice and variety as these.

For , monochrome chic is a long white sleeveless blazer over black skinnies and stilettos, or a strappy two-tone bodycon dress. Alternatively, it could be a grid knit worked as a mini dress, or paired with a skirt in a reverse colourway.

French actor Lea Seydoux, on the other hand, kept her pale lacy outfit casual with dark beach sandals. Step out in something a little more street-wise with T-shirt, black jeans and a fedora. Add a leather bomber to tartan trousers and ankle boots, or go asymetric in a wrap-around skirt.

Get that sixties vibe in overalls or monochrome blocks, or anchor a thin gingham maxi with chunky footwear. Be demure in a white dress embellished with soft feathers, but style it edgy by pulling on a moto jacket. Expand your palette with grey layers, or add a pop of brightness, with a red clunky necklace or a yellow bag. Let orange, purple or indigo jump out, or grab yourself a piece of gold statement jewellery. Beyoncé had other ideas, and teamed black leather shorts with a white blazer to devastating effect.

You could follow with a clingy ivory mini dress, sequin-enlivened bomber, and killer heels. Black And White Outfits: Is there ever a better combination than black and white? We adore the simplicity of this winter look! Throw on some shades to get all the glamour Olivia has achieved! A look like this needs no dressing up, so pair it with sandals and a simplistic handbag! This style is sophisticated yet playful; perfect for sprucing up your work wardrobe! Channelling a look such as this will always make you a winner!

We love the simplicity of this look, as it creates an easily achievable but no less gorgeous spring style! Refine more Format Format. Best Match Best Match. Items in search results. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Condition see all Condition. Item Location see all Item Location.

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